Past FCBM Conferences

Year Event Theme Hosted By Venue
2021 49th FCBM Conference Man Machine, Material EICBMA Kolkata
2019 48th FCBM Conference Dil - Design - Innovate - Learn RCBMA Jaipur
2018 47th FCBM Conference Way Forward For Corrugated Packaging SICBMA Chennai
2017 46th FCBM Conference Corrugated Packaging For The Emerging New India WICMA Pune
2016 45th FCBM Conference "The Future Box” New Trends & Techonologies - Future Of India’s Corrugated Industry HPCBMA Chandigarh
2015 44th FCBM Conference Packaging For Tomorrow, Futuristic Ideas And Solutions KECBMA kochi
2014 43th FCBM Conference What Next? Let’s Step Up GCBMA Udaipur
2013 42th FCBM Conference Innovating Into The Future SICBMA Chennai
2012 41th FCBM Conference Vision – Gen Next – ‘Conceive…Create…Customize’ WICMA Mumbai
2011 40th FCBM Conference Evolving Technologies – Industry Perspective NICMA New Delhi
2010 39th FCBM Conference Evolving Business Paradigm APCMA Hyderabad
2009 38th FCBM Conference Quality @ Cost EICMA Kolkata
2008 37th FCBM Conference Packaging for Consumer Convenience SICBMA Chennai
2007 36th FCBM Conference Corrugated Packaging - Future Perceptions & Global Perspective UPCBMA Varanasi
2006 35th FCBM Conference Corrugated Packaging that Performs WICMA Lonavla
2005 34th FCBM Conference Building Capabilities to meet Global Challenges KCBMA Bangalore
2004 33th FCBM Conference Solutions through Total Quality Management NICMA Agra
2003 32th FCBM Conference "Corrugated Packaging – Global Changes Greater Opportunities" MPCBMA Khajuraho
2002 31th FCBM Conference Corrugated Packaging -Meeting Todays’ Demand Preparing for Tommorow’s Challenges WICMA Mumbai
2001 30th FCBM Conference Corrugated Packaging For Tomorrow’s World SICBMA Chennai
2000 29th FCBM Conference “Corrugated Packaging – Challenge Of The Millennium” NICMA Agra
1999 28th FCBM Conference Corrugated Packaging Vision 2000 WICMA Goa
1998 27th FCBM Conference “Corrugated Packaging – The Engineering Scenario” APCBMA Hyderabad
1997 26th FCBM Conference “Corrugated Packaging- Meeting The National Needs Moving” GCBMA Mount Abu
1996 25th FCBM Conference “Corrugated Packaging- Providing Perfect Protection to Products and moving forward with a global vision” WICMA Mumbai
1995 24th FCBM Conference “Corrugated Packaging – Gateway to Globalization- Protecting Ecology” EICMA Calcutta
1994 23th FCBM Conference “Corrugated Packaging – Pivotal for economy and export” NICMA New Delhi
1993 22th FCBM Conference “Technological Developments for optimum performance in corrugated Packaging” WICMA Bombay
1992 21th FCBM Conference “Corrugated Packaging The Silent Spokesman for Economy, Ecology and Exports” SICBMA Madras
1991 20th FCBM Conference Corrugated Packaging for Production, Preservation & Prosperity KCBMA Bangalore
1990 19th FCBM Conference Corrugated Packaging – A National Need NICMA New Delhi
1989 18th FCBM Conference Corrugated Packaging – Bringing Products to people Safely and Economically WICMA Bombay
1988 17th FCBM Conference Vriksha Devo Bhava APCBMA Hyderabad
1987 16th FCBM Conference Corrugated packaging onto quality protection EICMA Calcutta
1986 15th FCBM Conference Corrugated packaging – Need of today. Must for 21st century WICMA Bombay
1985 14th FCBM Conference Corrugated packaging for prosperity and posterity NICMA New Delhi
1984 13th FCBM Conference Corrugated packaging for economic growth SICBMA Madras
1983 12th FCBM Conference Corrugated packaging for economy and ecological balance WICMA Bombay
1982 11th FCBM Conference Corrugated packaging for better environment GCBMA Vadodara
1981 10th FCBM Conference Use corrugated boxes and save our nation from indiscriminative deforestation APCBMA Hyderabad
1980 9th FCBM Conference EICMA Calcutta
1979 8th FCBM Conference NICMA New Delhi
1978 7th FCBM Conference SICBMA Madras